Sunday, March 29, 2015

Home Improvement

today would seem to be the perfect day 
to paint these walls in shades of pink and gray
doing it's as easy as pointing a gun
raise your hand, pull the trigger and it's done

that's all it would take to improve this room
to erase the doldrums, remove the gloom
one simple motion would cover it all...

...and spread my brains over this empty wall

then there'd be no mystery about me
every thought would be there for you to see
right up there in brilliant streaks of pink
is every thought I took the time to think

every word I said, everything that I knew
all of the things that I believed were true
like hieroglyphs inside an ancient tomb
my thoughts would cover the walls of this room

and when everyone that had called me friend
sees their stories through to the bitter end
when there is no one left that can explain
then my thoughts will be just an old gray stain

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