Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Where I Lived When I Was Young

Long ago and far away
where the sun would shine all day...
That's where I lived when I was young.

Where the birds in the tree
would sing their secrets just to me...
That's what I heard when I was young.

Where the wind off the sea
would whisper stories just for me...
That's what I knew when I was young.

Where the sky blazed with blue
and every word I heard was true.
That's what I saw when I was young.

This is where my dreams take me.,
This is where I long to be
in a world filled with the wonder of the young.

But that day was long ago
what the birds say now I don't know
and the wind and its stories are for the young.

And I wonder what has changed
how did the world get rearranged
from the way that it was when I was young.

What became of what was me?
How did this person that I see
ever come from one that was so young?

Is there any way to find
everything that's left behind
or is that world only for the young?

Did I lock every door
that goes to where I was before
and the key is locked away where I was young?

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