Friday, September 30, 2011

All That I Know...

The sun rises,
the sun sets.
A baby cries,
a mother frets.

There is nothing I can do
to keep my heart from you
for all I try to hide
is as certain as the tide.

A breath comes in,
a breath goes out.
A believer believes
and doubters only doubt.

This heedless headstrong desire
burns in my body like a fire,
leaving me feeling empty and cold
when you're not here for me to hold.

Winter cedes to spring,
summer runs to fall.
Oceans are wide and deep,
mountains are cold and tall.

And all that I know is true
is I love every part of you
and as long as there is breath in me
that is as certain as waves on the sea.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Moon and Night, the Day and Sun

How happy the moon must be
that he can look down and see
you as you sit and brush your long lustrous hair
and place all your pillows with such perfect care.

How very glad must be the night
that he gets to see the sight
of you as you lay and dream in your bed
with visions of passion playing through your head.

How happy must be the sun
when each night is finally done
and a sunbeam can softly caress your face
with kisses as gentle as the finest lace.

And how glad must be the day
as it sees you on your way
from the moment you rise and go through the door
until you've found all that you were seeking for.

How I envy the moon and the night!
How jealous I am of each sight
that they take and hold and do not share
of the one whose face I find so fair.

How greedy are the day and the sun,
that they share with me not even one
of the kisses they plant on your face.
How I desire to be in their place!

I am sure that someday soon
I will not envy the moon.
And I know for sure that there will come a night
I will see your face filled with dreams of delight.

I know you will hear me say
sweet soft words to start your day.
Someday we will sit and watch the setting sun
holding each other when the long day is done.

But until that day is here,
until I can hold you near,
I envy the moon and night, the day and sun
every moment until our parting is done.

No. 107

Maybe I’m naive…
Maybe I believe
Too much that isn’t true.
But what can I do?
I’m fascinated by you.
Maybe what I see
Is something that can’t be?
But what is there left for me
But some vague impossibility
And frustrating futility?
I know that I should go,
I know that this whole show
Ended long ago for me.
Never even made it to act three
And that’s the way it had to be.
But I’d like to hear the applause
And fight for this lost cause
If only for an hour or two
Until this whole play is through
I’d like to spend some time with you.


Sunday, September 18, 2011


So what has been the tale of my life?
What lesson should I take from all the years,
from every second that's been filled with strife
and the tracks of all my tears?

Should I become so bitter, hard and cold
that I fulfill every fear of my youth?
Disillusionment grows as we get old;
pessimism becomes truth.

Will this be me as I approach twighlight?
A bitter old man alone with his fear,
muttering and cursing into the night,
scared to see the end so near.

How did this cold man come from what was me?
In the show of my life, this little play,
I never thought this would be my act three.
How did it turn out this way?

Do I even dare to hope there is more,
some sweet taste of life in the bitter dregs?
Is there anything left I should fight for?
Should I race on tired legs?

I suppose it's too late to change my part -
the play has begun, I must see it through.
I'll try to be a credit to my art
and I'll do what I must do.

But still I'd like maybe just once to know
that somewhere hidden deep within my soul
is all the hope and love I used to show
'fore bitterness took its toll.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Rich Man

The laughter of children, the smiles of friends,
someone there to hold me when the long day ends,
a breeze in the morning and soft rain at night
that is all I need to feel the world is right.

That's all that I want, I don't need anymore
and trading time for riches - what is it for?
All the money that is or ever could be
won't buy another day with those dear to me.

So come share a moment, a minute or two
nothing's as important as time spent with you.
Live with me each moment, as much as you can,
that's when I'll think of myself as a rich man.