Links to sites I find interesting, informative or useful.

Sites Related to Poetry and Writing

Spoken Word Hollywood Meetup
The Facebook page of the poet's group that meets at the Goddess Store every third Sunday in Hollywood, Florida. This is where I go to inflict my poetry on unsuspecting strangers...
Bob's Byway, especially the glossary of poetic terms, is a very useful site - and Bob's poetry isn't bad either!
The site that re-ignited my love of poetry and appreciation for it.
A poem a day, interesting facts about writers and the world in general - and if you listen to the audio cast, the wonderfully sonorous voice of Garrison Keillor.
A great place to find new poets and poems and the publications they appear in.
Not just rhymes, but all sorts of information too.  Sections on Shakespeare, famous quotes and other wordy matters.
I've never actually read anything that Nicola Chey Matthews has written other than what's in her blog, but her advice to writers is (I think) invaluable.
The site of the Academy of American Poets, filled with useful information.  Check out their poetry map.

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