Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Which You Seek

No night has ever been so long
it was not followed by a dawn.
Never was darkness so complete
that the sun did not force retreat.

No winter ever dared to stay
to see the flowers bloom in May.
No flood has ever had the cheek
to wash the highest mountain's peak.

So whatever now may be wrong
accept it will not be for long.
What now tastes bitter will be sweet
and what's undone will be complete.

Even the lost can find their way
and find the path to end the day.
Do not let your resolve be weak!
and you will find that which you seek.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Spring Haiku

The cherry blossoms
as they fly through the warm air
are snowflakes for Spring

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life Among the Ruins

Is there any life among the ruins
green shoots amid the clutter and decay?
Is there anything now remaining in
the verdant fields where I used to play?

I remember when the sun shone so bright
on every warm and wondrous summer day.
Now there's not a single sunbeam in sight
just a rubbed out sky filled with clouds of gray.

The front porch where I'd sit and play my games
is littered with leaves like some lost bouquet.
The doors hang crookedly on twisted frames,
the wind shakes the walls as they twist and sway.

And who'd want to rebuild this wasted wreck?
Who would pick up the stones from where they lay?
Who could find any hope, even just a speck,
among the ruins, clutter and decay?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Rewards of Age

In life it is inevitable
that we grow from child to wizened sage
and while youth may be enviable
the best things are those that show their age.

Worn shoes are the most comfortable.
The best wines are of a certain age.
Our old friends are the most affable
and good books improve with every page.

So enjoy your youth while you're able
and as you get older do not rage.
While the years are unavoidable
you're only old if you act your age.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Cinderella, don't you run by so fast-
there are so many things that you will miss!
Grab hold of these moments and make them last,
slow down, don't run, and take in all of this.
I know that you have to be on your way
the magic is gone and the clock has rung.
All the stories I told to end your day
are now put away and that book is done.
But look around before you leave this dance
at all the wonder that's been given you 
for you will never get another chance
to be this young and see the world so new.
What you have run past, what you leave behind
your youth, your dreams, will be so hard to find.