Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Sandpiper and The Sea

We sat on the sand, her watching the sea
and I was watching her hair in the breeze.
I love to watch her hair when it flows free,
like the waving leaves of some willow trees.

We heard the whispers of the wind and sea,
felt the coolness of the sand on our skin.
She turned to me, put her hand on my knee
and then rested her head beneath my chin.

She sighed and turned and then looked at me
and blushed so deeply when she saw my eyes.
"Tell me," she said, "what it is that you see
when you look at me like I am your prize."

I searched for an answer deep inside me
then lifted my eyes to look at the waves.
I saw my answer running by the sea
like so many small little feathered braves.

"I think." I said. "that you are to me
what I see running down by the sea.
Always following the waves and yet
so afraid of getting your feet wet.
Wanting forever to be so near
and yet always filled with so much fear
that you feel you must run and hide
whenever you see the rising tide."

She turned her head to look back at the sea
and said as a smile softly crossed her face,
"If that's what you see when you look at me
then I will always be sure of my place."

She turned from the sea to look back at me
her face painted red from the setting sun
"Sandpipers will forever chase the sea
and will do so until this world is done.

"And just as sandpipers run from the sea
I know I'll run when you want me to stay.
And I know that's how we will always be
with me chasing you as you pull away.

"But I'm sure that you will always chase me
when I turn to run from the rising tide.
Just like sandpipers always need the sea
I will always need to be at your side."

"That", I said, "is the way it should be,
with you always standing next to me.
From the very first day that we first met
I felt certain that our fate was set.
I've always known, it was always clear
that I always want you to be near.
Just like sandpipers follow the tide
I will always need you by my side."

We sat together still watching the sea,
the curls of her hair right beneath my face.
I felt her shiver and pulled her to me
forever certain that this was her place.

We watched the sun sliding beneath the sea
knowing that another day was now done.
"Come," I said, "let me show you what can be.
Day is over but the night is still young."

She stood with me, turned away from the sea,
then she smiled and started to run away.
I laughed, then chased her as she ran from me
telling her she won't get away this day.

I ran to her, catching her easily
and took from her lips a passionate kiss.
No one, save the sandpipers and the sea,
were near enough to see any of this.

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