Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Faded Glory

Something that started as an idea months ago, based on my impressions of the life of Lindsay Lohan.  I often watch her travails and shake my head in wonder, trying to figure out where in the hell the young girl that starred in The Parent Trap went to.

Oh, when I was young
I played in the sun
and ran in the sea;
everyone was fascinated by me
I was what they wanted to be.

But time came along
and it played its song.
Now I'm what you see
just a shadow, a fading memory,
of a beauty that used to be.

It's not what I planned
yet still here I stand.
When they look at me
do you know what all of those people see?
They see only what used to be.

So now I’m a show
I prove what you know
So that all can see
And tell their children not to be like me
That such beauty is never free.

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