Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Name of Eve

I find it very hard to believe
that all this sin is the fault of Eve.
Plagues and pestilence and death and war -
should these really be laid at her door?

So when we lie and cheat and decieve
why is Eve the one that should recieve
the scorn and hate and all of the blame
for what is really our deepest shame?

Isn't it time that we moved beyond
all the hate that this fable has spawned?
Shouldn't we make an effort to relieve
the stain we've placed on the name of Eve?


  1. It's very interesting - only in the Abrahamic religions does Eve even exist. The rest of humanity generally recognizes and celebrates women for what they bring to the table as the givers of life. There is so much wrong with the oppression and inequality of any group of people, and that it has divine and fictitious rationale is appalling.

  2. And it still continues to this day...

    When people hear about a woman getting raped and the first thing they ask is "What was she wearing?", or when a person says that women must dress modestly to avoid tempting men or that a woman traveling alone should be censured, we are seeing them blame a woman for someone else's weakness.

    What is the fascination with making women into temptresses? I simply cannot understand those that try to excuse their failings by blaming someone else for leading them into temptation. After all, when Adam took that bite of the apple, he knew what he was doing was wrong.