Sunday, August 21, 2011

In A Kiss...

Love is not found in grand gestures
or complicated schemes

It is found instead in soft glances
and half-remembered dreams

Love is like a feast, a meal for the soul
that satisfies and makes you whole

It fills you, gives you what you hunger for
yet always keeps you wanting more

Love is not a gemstone hard and cold
to be traded, bought and sold

Love is more a flower, a single rose
whose scent softly tickles your nose

Love is not shouted brazenly for all to hear
instead it whispers softly in your ear

Love encourages, builds up and sustains
through all your fears and your pains

Love is a newborn child, barely one day old
whose future is as yet untold

How it will change and turn and grow
only time alone will show

Love is subtle and forever ever changing
responding always to life's rearranging

Yet it is constant as the greatest sea
enduring and lasting all eternity

No scale can hold it, weigh or know it
no man can see it, not one bit

For love can be measured only by this
the passion found in a lover's kiss

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