Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garbage Day

It was garbage day today
and I put some stuff out on the curb
for the garbage men to take away.

Not a single thing of any real worth,
at least not to you or I anymore.
A card or three that you'd given me
and some keys - I'd forgotten what they were for.

There were a bunch of old letters I had kept,
and silly things we'd save from when our life was new.
All that we thought we were when you still lived here
is sitting on the curb in bags covered in morning dew.

And what is really making me think
is how easy it has been to throw a life away.
To toss every memory in and just so casually fill a bin
with all that had been important in some way.

It was garbage day today
and the garbage men have hauled
all that junk on the curb away.

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